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May 15, 2008


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Rachel B

It looks like pieces of red dough. Am I even relatively close?


It is edible, but it's not dough. This one might be too hard...people who know what it is, can you think of any good clues?

Rachel B

Big pulverized hamburger patties?


Closer, it is a protein. Hint-the red stuff is just a powdered dye they put on the outside.

Rachel B

My ode to Kelly...


Well, it tastes kind of like tofu, and they're making it out of soy now too, but the real stuff is...

one more chance, Rach!

: )

Rachel B

O.K. last guess and I give...
Is it "cheese wheels"?


Woot woot! You're right, Rachel! They're made by nomadic people that follow their cows around. It's not pasturized, so if ever I cook, I boil it first. Except I don't cook. But people who do make pretty tasty meals out of it. Hmmm, I need a prize for you. What do I have that's made out of plastic bags...

Rachel B

Boy...I thought that guess was a stretch!
Hmmm. Plastic bags...plain garbage bags work! I've been working on the decluttering I mentioned way back on my blog. I am psyched about the church garage sale too. "Get it out of here" is my battle cry!

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