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September 22, 2008


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Like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds...


Like the caymans mouth. If we open our brains something is likly to go in and feed us, sooner or later.


Hi Nora! Great post about the creativity needed in developing proper analogies and explanations - love it. I've added you to our Coffeegirl Regulars and am looking forward to following along with your journey. Thanks for being willing to share your experiences with me and others who are also navigating this cross-cultural adventure!


An iceburg? I feel ilke my language use is more like a raindrop in the ocean...I'm learning my first second language at an older age and I'm learning something prett simple , Spanish. Any words of wisdom?


Welcome Coffeegirl and Grammy! Grammy, I have tons of suggestions on language learning, and some resources I can email you nora.mcnamara@gmail.com-let me know if you want them!

The basic principle is that you have to hear and process things that you can understand, and that as a beginner, what you can understand is stuff in the here and now. Look for Greg Thomson's Growing Participator approach and also stuff about TPR on the internet, but I'd love to send you some specific goodies!

Oh, and Rosetta Stone is good stuff! But I have better stuff from Greg Thomson to share that helps you connect with people while you're learning their language!

OOOH, you got me on one of my favorite subjects...I feel a series of posts coming on!

David Ker

Definitely should be a hippo. :)


Hi Nora,
Is cayman a West African word for crocodile? I know the beast from South America, as a caiman, but did not think that they occured in Africa at all. The main place I find cayman is as the Cayman Islands. But then I don't know the local African names for crocodilians. I like the analogy.


West Africans who have not seen a hippo? Where are they from? Probably not from Mali, which by the way is the Bambara word for hippo.

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