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March 24, 2009


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amanda p. wu

Excellent advice/point.

I know very little about you, but I stumbled upon your blog awhile back and have been scanning it on occasion in my blog reader.

However, as someone who was both an "extended single" while serving overseas . . . I would imagine some of the emotions attached to that experience we share.

And, I regret that I learned to embrace my singleness while at the same time valuing marriage, a bit late in the game.

Blessings from Taiwan!!



I'll take a mango, and who cares about the juice? Benefits of being married a long time, too! :-) We'll both eat drippy mangoes and enjoy them.

As to the fan,... I hate air blowing on me. I know. It is hot at times, and you need it, but I still hated it. (And yes, it was hot where we were when we were over there...) So, I made for a peaceful married person, no hogging the fan here! I preferred it a distance away not really on me. I am built for heat. And God uprooted me and put me somewhere that we still have snow in piles and I had to actually scrape my windshield this morning!!! (Umm... God....???)


@ Amanda, I saw the pix on your blog of your wedding a few months ago, I loved all the things you did to blend your cultures.

@Ellie, how about raw onions? Surely eating as many as I want of them is a benefit of singleness? : )

Hugs to both of you my blogging sisters!

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