What are those pictures?

  • The images with each episode are the symbols that the students come up with to summarize that week's episode. We hang the symbols on a clothesline in chronological order after each episode, so that we see where the episode fits into the big story of the Bible.

How do you discuss the stories?

  • After the students hear the current story twice, they break up into pairs and practice telling the story to each other. Then we regroup, and talk through the same five questions: What was interesting to you in the story? What surprised you? What did you learn about God's character? What did you learn about the other people in the story? What's your next step-how does what you heard in this story change how you will think and act next week? Simple as that, but God speaks and the students pull out amazing insights and applications every week!
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Why aren't the stories written out?

  • Here's the deal. If you learn a story from a piece of paper, when you tell it, it's more like a memorized speech than a story that you're telling from your heart. In your words. With your personality. What would you rather listen to?